About Us

When IVY Alliance Consulting Company and ACIVY merged in 2013, one of the China’s leading integrated education consulting companies was born, bringing together more than 15 years of experience, including rich experience of assisting applications for U.S, UK, Australian and Canadian colleges and universities.


IVY Alliance consulting Company’s core business spans college and university application assistance, summer and winter camps in English countries, and K-12 education consulting business for Chinese children and parents. Now, IVY Alliance Consulting operates in more than 40 cities in China and builds partnerships across the globe.


IVY Alliance Consulting Company is proud to be a part of the success of China’s education industry with the implementation of the policy of Reform and Opening up. And its long standing commitment to international education reflects our belief that no individual or corporation can be good without getting globally involved – cross-cultural communication, highly connected interpersonal skills, especially in global industrial, manufacturing, financial and human resources markets.



The interests, welfare and success of our students are at the core of our approach to counseling and service. We support our students from initial counseling, though their time studying abroad until they achieve successful academic outcomes. The success, development and wellbeing of our staff, measured through staff satisfaction, success and achievement, are core values with which we manage and inspire our people. We provide our staff with appropriate income, welfare, medical insurance, pensions and vacation benefits and ensure they work in a safe and pleasant environment.


We deliver timely, accurate and honest information to our students and carefully map out academic programs and pathways to advise students of the risks and challenges ahead. We maintain integrity in admissions and enrollments processes and deliver high quality application documentation to our partner institutions. We are ever vigilant against fraud. We take compliance very seriously and have developed systems to monitor and control risk across the organization.


We monitor and improve our service standards for both students and education partners with a philosophy of continuous improvement. We provide efficient and professional service and monitor and respond to complaints promptly. We have a Service Charter and a transparent complaints and customer feedback system. We survey our customers regularly to identify needs, concerns and improvements.

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